Together We Can Cure the Loneliness

on Sunday, September 09, 2012. Posted in Blog

Acromegaly Community is launching a new campaign to help "Cure the Loneliness"

This campaign is based around the fact that hundreds of people get this disease every year and feel like they have no one to turn to, but that's where Acromegaly Community comes in.

It is our mission to provide an emotional and communal supprt network for people touched by Acromegaly. We offer a central location for medical issues including: surgery, medication, radiation, and post diagnosis support. Most importantly, we work to provide a network of emotional support for acromegaly patients, their friends and their family.


So How Can You Help?

By creating your fundraising page above and raising at least $5, Acromegaly Community will send you one of our famous blue   bracelets (see below). For every additional $5 you raise, we will send you another bracelet so you can hand them out to your donors.

Don't forget to take pictures of you and your supporterd wearing the bracelets and post them to your fundraising page and then share them on Facebook, Twitter and email.

Simply click on the bracelet to get yours, and join in the fun!

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