A Classy Community

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Acromegaly Community Nationally Recognized

A Classy Community

Wayne Brown



What does it mean to be classy?  Is it simply being stylish, fancy, well-spoken and well dressed?  I don’t think so.  Does it mean that you are making good choices that benefit those around you?  I believe it to be.  Helping others?  Yup.  Putting other people’s needs ahead of your own?  Of course!  I believe that someone who is classy is warm towards others, without being judgmental or mean.  They try to see the world through other people’s eyes and make decisions that will benefits those around them, even if it is not always the most convenient or fun; though the warmth and fulfillment of such classiness cannot be compared.  Welcome to our Community.

I am not trying to be self-aggrandizing of the Acromegaly Community by saying our group is so classy.  All I am doing is reinforcing what we have already been recognized for.  Several months ago, an organization named StayClassy.org was soliciting nominations for organizations that work to help better the people and communities around them.  In the words of the organization, “[t]he CLASSY Awards is the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country, recognizing the most outstanding philanthropic achievements by charities, businesses and individuals nationwide.”  As it was written on AOL.com last October, “Hollywood has Oscar, Broadway has Tony, and now philanthropy has the Classy.”  When stories were being requested, Acromegaly Community had five different member-submitted nominations, all of which made it through the initial round, where nominations are accepted or rejected based on public voting.

StayClassy.org is only willing to move one nomination per organization to the final round of judging, and we made it!  The submission was written by one of our first members: Mary Kaiser.  She wrote a wonderful essay all about how Acromegaly Community has helped her with the loneliness of Acromegaly.

Our organization has always amazed me.  We have so many people who are generous with their time, energy, and spirit.  People who are willing to give of themselves to others in need.  Whether it is an encouraging word, a phone call to a new friend, or even traveling across the country because a member knows their friend is in trouble, and they can empathize with the pain.  The stories members tell always amaze me as to how much we all rally around each other, especially when the chips are down.  That is very special

Now we ask you to show the rest of the world how CLASSY we actually are!  Voting on the Classy Awards goes through August 26th.  There are 25 very worthwhile organizations in our category: Most Innovative Use of Social Media. You can only vote once! So many of you do so much for others in our organization.  This is a chance for our group to get some national recognition!  Plus, if we do win, Acromegaly Community is eligible for up to $150,000 in prizes, money that gets invested right back into the Community.

Please vote at http://www.stayclassy.org/classy-awards/voting.  We also ask that you share this message with all of your friends and family.  Feel free to pass along this blog throughout your email, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, or whatever your social media of choice.  Let them know that this is important to you, and that national recognition for Acromegaly Community will go a long way towards the organization’s ability to support our members in new and exciting ways.

I already know how Classy our Community is, and so do you.  Now lets show the rest of the world how special the Acromegaly Community is!

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