Endocrine Support Organizations

Groups we are friendly with

http://www.tanyaangus.com The most famous patient with Acromegaly.  A great person surrounded by a wonderful and loving family
Brain Tumor Center at St. John's Health Center, John Wayne Cancer Institute
www.hormones411.org Pituitary Tumors Watch Videos- Patient Support Group Meetings.  Click here for nine excellent videos dealing with hormonal health!
http://acromegalybloggers.blogspot.com/ Blogging from people living with Acromegaly
http://blessed-beyondmeasure.blogspot.com Blogging and support for people dealing with pituitary tumors
http://magicfoundation.org Dedicated to those touched by hormonal disorders.  Provides information and support
www.acromegalyanswersblog.com Ipsen (Somatuline)
www.acromegalyanswerswebinar.com Ipsen (Somatuline)
http://www.somavert.com/ Pfizer (Somavert)
mAss Kickers: Primarily a cancer-based group, but a great group with a solid message.
MD Junction: Online support groups for your health challenges
Daily Strength: Online support groups and forums
WrongDiagnosis.com: Website dedicated to medical issues that may be difficult to diagnose

Endocrine Organizations

American Academy of Clinical Endocrinology:
This is a general endocrinology group with about 3,000 members
Pituitary Society:
This group focuses on improving the health of patients with pituitary issues including educational programs for patients, family, med students, scientists, and doctors. They develop programs to study the biology of pituitary issues.
Endocrine Society:
Founded in 1916 and is the oldest and largest endocrine group in the country. These people are very active. They are devoted to research on hormones and clinical practice. They are searching for greater understanding of endocrinology among the general public and medical doctors.

Pituitary Disease Education

This group studies general pituitary gland function and diseases including: prolactinoma, Cushings Disease, and acromegaly. They also look at treatment options, hormone deficiency, patient stories, and clinical trials
This is an outreach program run through Cedars Sinai
Hormone.org: This is the Hormone Foundation. It focuses on general pituitary tumors and acromegaly in a more general sense as a pituitary disorder
This is a layperson's site for acro on understanding, living with, and treating acro.
NORD (National Organization for Rare Diseases):
Specializes in "orphan" diseases and research.
Hormone Foundation:
14,000 members. Specializes in prevention, treatment, and curing of hormone-related diseases

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